dinner menu

wood fired pizza

house-made fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil
gorgonzola, fig compote, parma prosciutto, arugula
imported robiola, fresh mozzarella, basil, truffle oil
19  |  32
Prosciutto di Parma | Sopressata | Aged Provolone | Parmigiano Reggiano | Shishito Peppers | Assorted Olives
Warm Mozzarella
16  |  32
roasted peppers, olive oil
Creamy Burrata
18  |  34
toast points, tomatoes, arugula, e.v.o.
Bufala Mozzarella
19  |  36
prosciutto di parma


Classic Caesar
crispy romaine, parmigiano, wood-fired croutons
Matteo Chopped
iceberg, roasted peppers, olives, tomatoes, onions
Grilled Corn Avocado
arugula, cucumber, lemon, olive oil
Bucatini Amatriciana
pomodoro, pancetta, onions
Spicy Rigatoni
tomato cream, calabrian chili
Pappardelle é Funghi
wild mushrooms, truffle cream
Penne Vodka
parma prosciutto, onions, tomato cream
Cavatelli al Telefono
fresh mozzarella, tomato cream
Fresh Made Ravioli
calabro ricotta, pomodoro, romano
Zucchini Linguine
pomodoro, vodka, amatriciana
Pappardelle Bolognese
traditional meat sauce
Linguine and Clams
little neck clams, red or white
Pan Seared Salmon*
32  |  43
broccoli rabe, cannellini beans, tomatoes
34  |  46
broccoli rabe, lemon, olive oil, herbs
Pan Seared Red Snapper
34  |  46
sautéed spinach, light tomato
Shrimp Wendy
29  |  42
burnt string beans, dijon mustard
Shrimp Luciano
29  |  42
sautéed spinach, light tomato
Shrimp Ultimo
29  |  42
francese, mozzarella, cherry peppers, spinach
14  |  24
Sautéed Spinach | Charred String Beans | Herb Roasted Potatoes
Roasted Brussels Sprouts | Charred Cauliflower | Sautéed Broccoli Rabe
Hand-cut Fries | Charred Broccoli | Meatballs
Prices and items are subject to change.
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